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Natural, State of the Art Treatment …refined by over 30 years of continuing Allergy-Specific Training & Experience.

If you prefer freedom from daily medications, and are ready to escape the fatigue and toll of allergy and asthma, Dr. York can restore your quality of life by personally custom-tailoring treatment for you or your child.  In so doing, we can stop the inflammation of allergy, and restore your immune system’s balance resulting in greater energy and a more positive life experience.

To ensure the most effective results, York Allergy & Asthma employed two botanical professionals, experts in the field of aeroallergens, and developed the most comprehensive panel in El Paso…likely in the country.  

We did this research because from an allergen standpoint, El Paso is unique.  Besides typical yard allergens, York Allergy & Asthma tests for every available desert plant…not only from our Chihuahan desert, but also from the Sonoran and Great Basin deserts.  This is necessary because pollens, carried by the wind, travel thousands of miles.  

We find out what you are allergic to with a quick skin test (it takes 3-4 minutes in adults, and less than 1 minute in children).  Skin testing is dramatically more accurate than the blood testing used by non-board certified providers.  

But all skin tests are not equal.  Accuracy and completeness are paramount because if all the things you're allergic to aren't included, your symptoms will only be partially relieved (we see this often in people treated by others). 

Our natural, FDA-approved extracts restore balance to your immune system, generating tolerance to allergens.  You should have no symptom flares from allergy shots…not locally at the injection site, nor to your system.

Make an appointment today, and you will see Dr. York face-to-face.  He will personally custom-design treatment for you, your child, or both of you at the same time.  

Dr. York is the Board Certified Adult and Pediatric Allergy & Asthma Specialist, with over 30 years’ experience treating allergy and asthma.  He will personally focus his years of training, interest and expertise to make you allergy-free.  

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Most insurance is accepted, including Medicare and Tri-care.