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shot vialsIf you are tired of taking medicine, and would like to stop the fatigue and annoyance allergy causes, Dr. York can restore your quality of life by personally custom-tailoring allergy shots for you or your child. In so doing, we can get your immune system back on track so it stops wasting energy and causing unnecessary inflammation.

We use the smallest needles in production, so often they are painless. Also, our allergy shots do not contain any drugs or steroids.

The allergy shots at York Allergy & Asthma contain natural, FDA-approved allergen extracts that get your immune system used to those allergens. You should have no symptom flares from allergy shots… not locally at the injection site, nor to your system.

We find out what you are allergic to with a quick skin test (it takes 3-4 minutes in adults, and less than 1 minute in children). Skin testing is dramatically more accurate than the blood testing used by non-board certified allergists and national allergy chains.

But all skin tests are not equal. With skin testing, accuracy and completeness are important because if all the things you’re allergic to aren’t in your shots, your symptoms will only be partially relieved (we see this often in people who have been treated by others).

To ensure the most effective outcomes, York Allergy & Asthma employed two botanical professionals, experts in the field of aeroallergens and developed the most comprehensive panel in El Paso… likely in the country.

From an allergen standpoint, El Paso is unique. Besides typical yard allergens, York Allergy & Asthma tests for every available desert plant… not only from our Chihuahan desert, but also from the Sonoran and Great Basin deserts. This is critical because pollens travel over a thousand miles on the wind, and if they’re not in your shots, you will still have symptoms when those pollens land in your eyes, nose, or lungs.

Why not Allergy Drops?

Despite being available for over 100 years, allergy drops (also called Sublingual Immunotherapy, or SLIT) have never been effective enough to gain FDA approval.

Allergy drops are categorized by the FDA as Unproven and Experimental; a category shared by bee pollen and local honey, none of which have been proven effective in studies (which is why most insurance companies do not pay for them).

At York Allergy & Asthma, our patients health has always come first, and at this time, allergy drops do not represent a lasting or effective treatment modality.

Why Allergies Happen

...To Good People

Allergies occur when our immune systems decide something harmless, like pollen, is an enemy worthy of an all out assault. The war that follows compromises the integrity of our eyes, nasal passages, throats, and lungs, and sacrifices energy we could be using to enjoy our lives.

The battleground, our bodies, can get pretty torn up when allergy cells release chemicals like histamine to "kill" the enemy allergens. Those caustic chemicals irritate our eyes, noses, throats and airways.


Most insurance is accepted, including Medicare and Tri-care.